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Jun 05, 2006 at 05:02 PM

Pricing or condition maintenance is not working properly in CRM


Hi Sap gurus,

basically a couple of price conditions do not work properly in CRD (CRM development system)

Strange thing is that in CRM (PRODUCTION SYSTEM) are working perfectly.

What did trigger this problem? How can I solve?

1. First of all I checked:

- pricing procedures in CRD and CRM

- class condition customizing in CRD and CRM (no differences here)

Basically the main modification I introduced was to refer condition price ZAGE to line 130 (Valor Neto) likewise in CRM (the only difference is

that in CRM is used line 800).

The sense of modification was to get the calculation without any

reference to an IPC routine or formula. So I change pricing procedure in

R/3, setting up directly the calculation over the net value (line 130).

This did not work because PRICE CONDITION ZAGE keeps on failing,

displaying value zero, inspite off a positive net value condition (e.g.

1500). In R/3 this modification works.

2 Secondly, I read documentation, stored in Sap library "Postprocessing Customizing Data" and notes 398078 - 314542. I was doubtful in applying those notes 'cause clearly refer to versions older than 4.0.

But eventually I decided to apply it.

After running report /sapcnd/rv12n001 I analyzed the log I discover that some table are inactive, due to fields which cannot be initialized.

So I checked in table /SAPCND/T681,field GESTA and I discovered

that not all Condition table are active like above error log was saying. Gesta values, which value is different from 5 in table /SAPCND/T681, are many.

How can I activate those tables or objects?

In any case many thanks in advance,