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Jun 05, 2006 at 03:24 PM

COPA and calculated key figures in R/3 (KER1) (Assign KF)


Hello Everyone,

We are extracting COPA data. I see in transaction KER1 you have the elements that make up a key figure scheme. Then you can view what makes up the element (Net Sales for example) by clicking on Basic Formula.

Now, in SBIW (R/3 side), there is transaction 'Assign Key Figure'. Here you can assign 3 types:

1. Assignment - formula (from above in KER1)

2. Assignment - actual value field name

3. Assignment - function module.

I have read to be careful defining these and then selecting in the COPA datasource to bring over to BW. It states there could be problems.

My questions are:

1. What is the difference between Assignment formula and assigning the actual value field? Which one is better to use? What is the upside/downside of each one?

2. Why do I read to be careful with these calculated key figures and not being correct in BW? What does this mean? What problems?

I would like to define here and then select in my datasource because I wouldn't have to create a calculated key figure in BW query, meaning performance would be better because the value is already brought over from R/3 (calculated) and won't have to be each time the query is ran (calculated key figure).

Isn't it just easier to define in R/3 and replicate over than to have calculation in query?

Can anyone please help me?

Thanks so much, Colleen