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Integration setup on C4C Almika Prefilled tenant

We have just got access to a C4C tenant prefilled with Almika data. We have done the scoping review and activated the integration scope in it and reviewed the questions related to the integration.

We have also created the communication system and communication arrangements for the integration via HCI. We are able to test the end to end connectivity in both directions successfully.

But when we try to send customer or material data, it fails in C4C and we get a webservice log that 'Error in message header mapping; agent class is CL_BUPA_ERP_REPL_IPA'. and 'Error in message header mapping; agent class is CL_APFO_MATERIAL_REPLICATE_IPA'.

Also when we try to upload the Code list, we get an error for ISO code being used and not modifiable. (The note recommended for this is already implemented in our system).

Can someone recommend how we can troubleshoot this as the logs from the C4C web service monitor are not very helpful.

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  • The customer and material data issues were resolved by modifying the Communication system to have the IDOC Logical system ID. For code list we are patching to the latest patch of CODERINT and hopefully that will also be resolved.

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