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Jun 05, 2006 at 05:44 AM

2004s Java Full version - extract rar and installation



I am having a peculiar issue, i dont know wether anybody faced this (i didnt see any post about this issue).

I had lot of difficulty in downloading the 5 files of this installation (particularly the two 1.9 GB files) Finally a friend of mine from Germany gave me those files when he visited me.

part1.rar => 1,945,600

part2.rar => 1,945,600

part3.rar => 655,177

IDE => 457,532

trex => 267,647

as per the instruction found in the download page i tried to extract all of them into same folder.

when i tried to extract part2.rar to the same folder, it complained that the files exists, do you want to overwrite- so i created a sub folder and extracted part2 in there and another subfolder for part3.

from the main extracted folder started the setup and completed the installation without any issue. ( i already have ABAP2004s in the same machine)

and i could log on to portal/VC/CAF except visual admin.

and had some problem in portal as well, i was getting iview not found in some cases - for example when i went to download verify.pse from the keystore, i got a error saying that iview not found.

i though the extract of rar was the problem and uninstalled 2004s java completely.

deleted all the extracted folders. now created new folder and extraced part1.rar to that folder and when i try to extract part2.rar it again gave me the warning that files exists and it will be overwritten, i clicked yes to do the overwriting and the same with part3.rar.

then i started the setup.exe and the installation completed without any problem and i could log on to portal/vc/caf etc except again visual admin. and had the same iview not found error in some case. (and in key store as well)

<u><b>Now my questions are:</b></u> the rar files sizes which i mentioed are right?

2. do you also get file exists/overwrite warning when extracting the part2.rar and part3.rar to same folder - or how to extract these files?

3. why i am not able to log on to visual admin (my portal url is http:// . the port used for visual admin is 50004 (which was defaulted by the system)

4. how to over come those iview not found error?

Thanks in advance.