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Nov 15 at 04:41 PM

WM-PP Material Staging - No Automatic staging occurring on Release of PP Order


Hello gurus...

I have a question as to the dates used for the automatic material staging on the release of a production order.

Let me use the example that the production order was created yesterday, 11/14/2023. The components are all in the available storage locations in ERP and the stock is in EWM. There are float days for this production order which has the "Scheduled Start Date" set for 11/16/2023. The Prod.Sch. profile has the transfer of requirements set to 2, create the TO, TR and send when the order is released.

User releases the production order today, 11/15/2023 but no staging occurs. User tries to force the "execute" of the WM material staging, but no delivery is created for this production order to be sent to EWM.

If user changes the "requested" quantity in the pull list to match the required quantity and executes the material staging, a warning is displayed that the requested quantity is greater that then required quantity. However, hitting enter will then give you a message that material staging executed with no errors. User saves production order and delivery is sent to EWM.

I can only assume that the material staging did not trigger on the release because the scheduled start date is in the future and the component requirement date is also set in the future. So system did not create the order because the components are not yet required.

My question would be if there is a way to force the transfer of requirements (WM staging) to still be executed even though the requirement date is in the future. This would allow the warehouse ample time to pick and relocate the goods to the PSA.

I found a couple topics related to the pick, pack times in WM inside of the ERP system which may influence the material staging times however, we are using EWM. So the requirements are sent via a 311 movement to get the components from EWM and relocate the to the PSA.

Thanks for any suggestions/ help.