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Company code Block

Feb 27, 2017 at 09:49 AM


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User wanted to block a particular company code and thereafter no transactions should be made for the company code.

Our FI consultants have blocked the company code.

Now when the user tried to cancel a invoice document, system was allowing to cancel that document. Now as we have blocked the company code so all the invoices for that company code should not be allowed to cancel.currently it is doing so.

Kindly suggest any solution.

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"Our FI consultants have blocked the company code" - how exactly?

Have you blocked anything in SD? What troubleshooting have you done before posting on SCN? Kindly make some effort and share what you've found so far when reaching to SCN for help.


The company code was blocked by removing the posting period in Tcode OBY6.

From the SD side nothing has been blocked. we are trying to block the cancellation of billing through user-exit. we Did

try for MV45AFZZ user exit. but still it did not help. I tried to unable to find a proper userexit for billing document. that is the

reason i have posted this question in SCN.

saneel chukkapuram

why does it have to be done by exit and can't be done with by using the blocking in XD05 transaction?


I'm also confused why you'd need a user exit. Posting block is standard functionality. It seems that whatever blocking needed to be done simply was not completed. OBY6 will only prevent accounting postings in a given period, it will not prevent creation of SD documents.

Please get a qualified SD consultant for this project.

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1 Answer

prerna gupta Feb 28, 2017 at 10:41 AM

Hello Saneel,

You can restrict postings to the company code by removing that company code authorisation for all the users.

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