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Former Member
Jun 02, 2006 at 04:05 PM

Material Classification Value Propagation for 4.5B


Hello all,

Have an interesting quandary. My current organization maintains a quite complex classification structure for materials; however its original design lacked the forethought of what it would become (before my time). The root of the issue (and thus my question) focuses on the propagation of characteristic values or lack thereof.

We have a characteristic that is assigned to nearly all of our 30 material classes. The list of values associated with the characteristic are the same for all classes. Therefore, whenever we create a new characteristic value or change an existing one, we have the timely task of going into each and every material class to make the update.

I have spent some time researching and understand a user exit exists for the mass update of characteristic values (CLMMD001); however it does not appear this exit is in our system, and we do not have the development resources to spend in the creation of a program.

Any thoughts or suggestions on how we can address our issue either through the user exit (guidance on how we can do this would be appreciated) or through some minimal development work to allow auto-propagation of characteristic values based on a single update?

Thank you very much.