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Former Member
Jun 02, 2006 at 02:14 PM

Do I need to sort a hashed table before reading ?


1) I populate a hashed internal table :

data :

i_droplist type hashed table of t_droplist

with unique key gpart vkont,

select gpart


into table i_droplist

from zxis_0x_dun_drop

for all entries in i_jointab1

where gpart = i_jointab1-gpart

and vkont = i_jointab1-vkont.

2) read table i_droplist transporting no fields

with table key gpart = p_gpart

vkont = p_vkont.

Before reading the table is it needed to sort the hashed table on the key ?

I think it is not necessary but I am not sure ...

Thanks for your help,