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Restricting The RF transactions like LM01 on Desktop screen and allow only on Scanner Screens

Hi Experts, I am working with a Pharma company as WM Lead. I have an issue where the Warehouse users are suppose to use WM RF transactions like LM03,LM05, LM06, LM12 etc. on the Hand Held Devices / HHTs on the warehouse floor, they are doing these transactions sitting in the warehouse office on desktop system. Actual scanning of SU Barcode information is not captured but only copy paste or manual data entry is done and the transaction is completed. This creates so many errors and also physical transactions not matching with system transactions.

Here I want that the users should not be able to execute any of the RF transactions on Desktop / Laptop screens but only on the scanner screens. I am using Motorola MC9190 W65 scanners.

Please suggest if there is any possibility through config / Enhancement to restrict RF transactions on system screen.

Thanks in advance


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  • As far as standard SAP is concern there is no parameter which you can enable or disable to stop them using the RF transaction on GUI screen(not to my knowledge)

    Warehouse is all about following some discipline, you can design and give n number of transaction to user for use and still then can find alternate way to complete that. My suggestion is you should ask the business to implement / follow some guideline rather then do any development in system

  • That doesn't always work Manish... can you imagine a system where anyone is allowed to create Purchase Orders or issue a payment and the only restriction is management telling them to follow guidelines? It's like putting a candy in front of child and saying don't think about it!

    People are going to find short cuts and do what is easy or satisfying to them in short term as long as they can get away with it.

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2 Answers

  • Feb 27, 2017 at 03:00 PM

    There is no way to restrict it, but what I have done in the past is use a scan identifier (aka prefix) such as a tilde (~). This can be setup in the Terminal's software on the RF devices. The presence or absence of the scan identifier can then be logged within the SAP environment. You can try the user exit EXIT_SAPLLMGT_001 in Enhancement MWMMOB02 for this or a screen enhancement. For me I typically write custom RF programs, so there is no user exit to deal with. Of course, this is not completely fool proof, if the users know to enter the tilde first on the PC... just don't advertise it to the user community and you will catch most of the offenders pretty quickly.

    The other thing you can log is the IP address of the client right off the confirmation user exit EXIT_SAPLL03T_002. In the vast majority of setups, the RF devices have a different IP range and often fixed IP addresses, which can easily be tracked down. Just remember this is in the Update task, so don't try to raise error messages here - you could crash the user's terminal session.

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    Feb 28, 2017 at 12:51 PM

    Thanks Raghu for your comments. I am using all ZLM transactions for which I have created my own screens. Instead of analysing the past errors I would like to restrict the users at the time of doing transactions. Is it possible through Parameter Controls assigned in user Ids?

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    • I am not sure what you mean by parameter control, are you talking about Parameter ID on the SU01 screen? If so... no, you can not use it because the same user id logged in either through SAP Gui or on an RF device will get the same parameter value.

      If you can isolate the IP ranges like I described in my previous comment, then in your z-programs, you could warn or error out right at start of the program and not even wait until the user attempts to post data. If you set up the approved and unapproved IP ranges, you can make exceptions for your development system to be able to test from the GUI too.