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Jun 02, 2006 at 10:32 AM

How to make a BPM restartble at a specific point after error?



I have a somewhat very simple question.

I have a BPM that works like this:


1. receive message A

2. transform message A to message B (using valuemapping)

3. switch with a condition determining if valuemapping was succesfull for all cases.

3.1. Branch 1

3.1.1. Send message B to R/3

3.2. Branch otherwise

3.2.1. Transform message B to errorMessage

3.2.2. Send errorMessage to R/3


This is all fine and works as intended.

Now what I would like is to somehow be able to "stop" the BPM after step 3.2.2. and somehow be able to reprocess the BPM starting from step 2..

The reason for this is that if the valuemapping was unsuccesfull it means a table needs to be updated. After updating the table it would be nice if the process could just be restarted and complete with success instead of having to send data through XI once again from sending system.

I've tried to experiment with exception handling in the BPM, but have not been successfull in finding a solution that works as intended.

Hope someone can help:-)

Best regards,