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Creating role in sybase when one database is offline

I am using Sybase ASE 16.0. I have a database in my system which is offline. Now when I create a role(using Sybase Central or create role command) I get the following error.

Please wait and try your command again later.
Sybase error code=950 Severity Level=14, State=1, Transaction State=0

But the funny thing is that the role is created on the system. Is this a bug? If not than will the role that is created be reliable and can be assigned to others? I tried assigning the created role to login user and it was assigned without any issues.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Vikas,

    Creation and assignment of roles , this all commands and actions concerned with master database, so if master is up and accessible you can do that.

    Above stated error is just an informational error. you can find more regarding this in below given link

    Error 950




  • Thanks for the information Pankaj.

    One issue is that, this shows error during creation even after creating the role but same behaviour not is shown when we drop a role. Error is thrown but he role is not dropped.

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