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Batch not selected during Batch Determination in Outbound delivery - Revist

Feb 27, 2017 at 07:43 AM


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Dear Gurus,

I am posting this query again as I wanted to clarify my scenario and need to know why it is not working.

I have followed all the steps [ ] mentioned but still i am facing the error of auto determination of batch even after satisfying the selection criteria and also masters have been maintained.( screenshot attached )

Note: The log at the batch screen says 'E- Does Not Correspond to Selection Criteria'

Details: I have initially used only one criteria LOBM_VFDAT.

The automatic batch determination was working fine. Now, we came across a scenario where in user was able to sell expired batches and also take return of expired batches.

Additional Info: At the time of GRN, we put in SLED date.

Material master has been maintained with remaining shelf life.

Batches have been maintained with remaining shelf life after addition of new characteristics ( LOBM_RLZ and LOBM_FVDAT)

I have created new batches and tested, but was not able to determine batches.Then, I have removed the characteristics and kept as original with single characteristic LOBM_VFDAT ( I was able to determine batch)

I need your help and suggestion on how to restrict expired batches from being determine and also why auto batch determination isn't working even after selection criteria gets determined.


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4 Answers

Renuka Dharmadhikari
Feb 27, 2017 at 08:48 AM

Hi Akash,

You said "The automatic batch determination was working fine. Now, we came across a scenario where in user was able to sell expired batches and also take return of expired batches."

Please check whether the message VL 203 is maintained in your system. This message says "Batch & expires on &".

Generally, in standard system, this message is configured as Warning, but it can also be removed.

So, try to maintain it as error which will not allow the expired batches to be delivered.
To achieve that, goto T code OVM1 and maintain message VL 203 as 'E'.

With this, you don't even have to maintain other characteristics. It only checks the Expiration date/shelf life of the material.
This error is thrown when the expiration date is in the past (or) when the delivery date is after the expiration date.


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Akash Ladha Feb 27, 2017 at 09:24 AM

Thank You Renuka for prompt response.

I have tried that by keeping only LOBM_VFDAT as selection criteria. I am able to determine sorted batch as per the expiry date, but it is picking expired batches without throwing any error. Also, the selection criteria shows blank.
I am clueless on where or what setting is being missed( it might be something small, I have recheked with other consultants to have a 2nd eyes on it as well, read all the Q&A available on internet w.r.t this)
I guess it is something to do with the Selection Class itself!



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Jürgen L
Feb 27, 2017 at 09:31 AM

How is actually your selection criteria? LOBM_VFDAT alone does not really tell anything.

What shelf life expiration date is in the batch?

What exact selection criteria was entered?

And why don't you actually change the status of expired batches to blocked or restricted use to prevent unwanted goods issues with outbound deliveries?

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Existing Settings : It had only LOBM_VFDAT. The system was working fine, till the client realized that they were able to sell expired products as it was automatically being determined during delivery.
The system has simple set up of auto batch determination based on first expiry first out.

I tried to change the existing setup and included two more characteristics LOBM_RLZ and LOBM_LFDAT. Then tested the scenario, but was not able to determine batches automatically.
At present the system has more than 40k materials with different batches for each material. Can we perform the change of status to all those materials with expired batches to restricted status? ( Is it possible to do it in standard way? )


this is too much theory for a straight forward question.

I was just asking for a shelf life date like 01.Jan. 2017

And was asking for the selection criteria, e.g. > 27.Febr 2017

If you have 40K expired materials then there is something very wrong in your plant. The transaction QA07 can change the status of expired batches (even in a background run)


Sorry for the theory.

QM is not active in our case.
Eg: Shelf Life date : 31.12.2016

Selection criteria : LOBM_VFDAT : Expiration date, shelf life
Can you suggest how to block these from picking at batch level?


where is in your screenshot a selection criteria?

The pop-up is just empty, no characteristic and no value for a proper selection.

QA07 should even work without QM active, see the docu behind the information icon in the selection screen


Though it is maintained, it doesn't show in the selection criteria screen( this is also an issue)

Even the standard messages are not working in my case. It doesn't throw any error during PGI of expired goods.
Also, I have checked the QA07 screen. it doesn't display any values for the entries i put in.



G Lakshmipathi
Feb 28, 2017 at 07:41 AM

I presume, you made configuration change as suggested but trying with the existing document in which case, it wont work. You need to create a new sale order and check how it works.

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Dear Lakshmi sir,

batch-error-1.png - Created new sales order every-time i made some config changes ( Still at selection criteria it shows this error. When I added two more characteristic ( LOBM_RLZ and LOBM_LFDAT it then displayed with all characteristic in selection criteria but failed to auto determine batch( I did update batch and created new batch as well to test) automatic-batch-determination-error.png

characteristic-2.png - Defined new characteristic similar to LOBM_VFDAT and checked the scenario again, but same result

class.png - Assigned characteristic to Class

msc2n.png - Batch screenshot.

Please help. Ansy suggestion would be really helpful. Also a temporary solution so that user dont send expired batches.