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Jun 02, 2006 at 05:43 AM

ESS : My Bookings iView from Career and Job workset



When I click on this workset, a page appears having Webdypro iView which has too many links. The problem is that there is one link name as "My bookings" and when I click on this link, the page doesn't opens. It neither gives an error nor opens the respective page.

What happens that the a blank page appears. I want to know how I can check the link which is of WebdynPro iView is mapped to what page or iView. I think there must be mapping problem as all other links are working.

Also I had checked the page as well as iView is working fine from the Content Administration means the page which has to be opened from the link, but when I opens the Webdypro iView too from Content administration and click on to the link from the preview it doesn't works.

Please help me.