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Sep 27 at 08:07 AM

Show SQL Query when no password available

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Using CR(Crystal Reports) in my past, I would swear that I remember opening an RPT file, going to MENU >> Database >> 'Show SQL Query', then when it asks for the password, hitting cancel(or something) and was still able to get to see the actual SQL Code. Am I totally misremembering? Is this not possible? I'm a consultant, working with an SQL dBase for a client. I'm using the SQL Code to get to the different tables that need to be looked at for the project we're working on. I have full admin rights on the server to regenerate the report and make some schema, index, etc. improvements, but I don't have the Software Manufacturer's password. The server has Crystal Viewer on it; so for what little I need the 'Crystal Reports'(writer) App, I'd rather not install it on the server, in case it causes and issues. Besides, when I get done with the 'trial' and it works, I'd want to install it on my local laptop so I can use it with other cliends, no direct connection to the dBase. How can I get the SQL code?