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Jun 01, 2006 at 06:50 PM

Business Process Modelling Language Desirable Features


Hi All,

It will be quite interesting to see what features the BPX community would want to be in the “Visual” Business Process Modelling cum programming language which on one end use self-contained applications that use Web services as activities that implement business functions and on the other has interactions with other J2EE like web components .

For example I would like to see something developed by SAP where the Business Process mapping can be done with a strict protocol in ARIES so that applications can be built in the Visual composer and the BPX can visually do the one or more of the following

1. On Screen “chain End Chain ” valdiation

2. Loop conditions

3. Branching conditions

4. Variable initialization

5. Web service message preparation

The idea being the BPX can generate a running prototype for pattern based processes through grahhical interfaces and unless something really typical needs to be done, the coding can be eliminated.

Taking an example:

On a simple sales order if the stock is not adequate a purchase order needs to be fired.

The Business process mapping of the same can be done in ARIES where some available components (business objects like sale order) from R3 etc are available for modeling.

If this process is to be web enabled then one can use the business process modeling to develop a quick application in Visual Composer where one can use ESA for Sale Order as a Model and build screens based on that. The screen flow can also be built in Visual Composer to take you to through the various tabs.

The data flow across the various tabs also can be done through the component controller and the BPX should be able to map that visually.

The business event (Stock < Sale order quantity ) can be handled through a branching condition and web service message preparation to either generate a email message or fire a purchase order (handled in XI and exposed in one common place of the Business Process modeling Tool).

Marilyn : thanks for the offer of acting as a interface between the SAP development team and some of us with the wishlist. I would certainly love to be involved in the epochal development