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Aug 14 at 09:44 AM

Tool to compare two SAPUI5 versions to check for deprecated objects?



Does anyone know of an automated tool for comparing two different SAPUI5 versions, specifically to look for what has been deprecated between those two versions? I don't want to do this manually by comparing documentation as it would be too time consuming.

For example, we would like to upgrade the SAPUI5 version we use from 1.84.27 to the latest 1.96.xx version and want to know what has been deprecated between those two versions so we can look for those APIs, Controls etc in all of our apps and adjust the code. We'd like to do that rather than just having user's test and hope they find all issues. Users would also test, but they may miss things, hence wanting to do this also in a more controlled way.

Note that i also played around with the UI5 Support Assistant but it doesn't seen useful enough for this task.