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Query for CAS-SPEC ID

Mar 03, 2017 at 01:48 PM


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Dear All,

I'm an PEHS Expert, I had to develop a report showing how many CAS Numbers are used only in our company products that are available in SAP EHS. I would like to know how to extract data for creating report such as,

CAS Num-->SPEC ID [(REAL_SUBs & RAW_SUBs) NOte: we create few RAW_SUB]--->Auth group-->Country

In one of threads, I read link is done via ESTMJ to ESTRH then link with ESTRI. I tried to extract from ESTVP but am unable to export to excel because of data size. ESTRI table gave me list of CAS Numbers. but am unable to build report that I wanted.

can anyone help me along with screenshots?



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Hi Karthik,

I do not understand how this question is different to this one that just got marked answered by you:

can you explain?

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2 Answers

Christoph Bergemann Mar 03, 2017 at 05:43 PM

Dear Karthik

sorry. I can not see a "difference" to your existing thread.

TO make it short: I do not unterstand your requirement.

I have the "feeling" that you use a list of materials (which are e.g sold in one country) and for this list you would liek to generate the CAS numbers

Anything like that can still be done in Standard EHS. Use one list of materials. Create a hit list of REAL_SUB and extract CAS numbers (refer to teh other discussion)

BUt as you now look as well on "ESTVP" i am totally "lost". ESTVP is a table to e.g. store "composition" data. So you do not look on the "spec header" data but you look on "lower". So you would like to knwo: which REAL_SUB contains a list of CAS numbers...

In any case.
PLeases exaplin better your business need.


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Christoph Bergemann Mar 04, 2017 at 07:50 AM

Dear Karthik

after "rereading" your topic: your topic is related to what we call "where used list". This topics is disucssed very often. PLease check e.g.

The "correct" answer to your question depends on the "correct" question

Story is high level like:

a.) you have a list of materials

b.) these materials are linked to a list of REAL_SUB

c.) These REAL_SUB do have a composition (e.g. standard composition). Here in most cases you can assume a "CAS" driven spec is listed.

d.) looking on composition you can "judge" which CAS number is used and which not (over all)

e.) but the "country" part of your question is not simple. You can have "country" driven" compositions in EHS and you can look on the "country" topic from ppoint of view fo supply chain (I sell this chemistyr to e.g. USA)

f.) etc. etc. etc.

To make it short, there are several "online" options implemented in SAP EHS to get the result (I assume teh reuslt will fulfill your needs). BUt depending on amount of data there is a high risk that you will get a "time out". There is no other option delivered by SAP. So this topic is clearly a customer specific one and therefore out of scope of discussions here.

Honestly. I do not use very often the "where used" option. The risks are to high to get "time out"


PS: e.g. one "simple" option is: create hit list and e.g. use output variant "EXCEL" in combination with one "composition". Then you will get the "used" specs in one run

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