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Feb 25, 2017 at 12:50 AM

Report selection based on extended attribute renders no data if attribute label changes.


In the new report editor, when I modify the label of an extended attribute that is used in the "selection" of a report element, the selection stops working and cannot be reapplied. Can anyone confirm this defect and/or provide a work-around?

Environment: PD (SP02); Windows 7 SP1

Steps to reproduce:

Create a new CDM.

Create a model extension.

Create an entity-level extended attribute with "myFlag" for both name and label; type is "Boolean", default value is "false".

Create two entities: "Entity_1" and "Entity_2".

For Entity_2, set the value of myFlag to "true".

Create a report using the new report editor.

Add one report component: "List of entities"

Edit attributes of list to just two: "Name" and "myFlag"

Preview the report to confirm that two entities are in the list and that myFlag is marked true only for Entity_2.

Edit selection of list: for myFlag, set operator to "=" and Expression to "true", ensuring "Used" has also been automatically checked.

Preview the report to confirm that only Entity_2 has been selected (as desired).

In the model extension, change the label of "myFlag" to "myFlagLabel"; apply the change.

In report layout window, observe that the label of %(myFlag) has been updated to "myFlagLabel" (this is good).

Open list selection. Note that there are now two records available, one for "myFlag", which still has the "true" condition, and a new record for "myFlagLabel". The fact that there are two records is the first sign that something is wrong.

Without making any changes to the selection, preview the report and confirm that the selection is still working correctly (i.e. only Entity_2 appears on the report).

Edit the selection: remove the operator and condition for "myFlag" and uncheck "Used". Click OK to commit the change and close the selection window.

Immediately reopen the selection. Observe that "myFlag" is now gone and only "myFlagLabel" is present.

Reapply the "true" condition to "myFlagLabel".

Preview the report and observe that the list is now empty.

From this point on, I'm not able to reapply the desired selection. Any attempt to select based on "myFlagLabel = true" will result in no records being returned.