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Feb 24, 2017 at 09:53 PM

GRC 10.1 Access Control Owner Group


While creating different types of owners under NWBC->Access management->Access control owners->owners.

We have multiple users defined as risk owner in GRC. To avoid maintaining each user individually into each risk we created a user group in SUGR “RISKOWNER” and assigned all risk owner user account to user group “RISKOWNER”.

This user group is set up as ‘Risk owner in Access Control Owners and assigned to “XX01” access risk. When I create an access request in GRC which have risk XX01, the risk owner is not found and an escape path is triggered from MSMP rule.

Can you please guide how to leverage owner group option within access group type? When we chose only owner the workflow work fine but when we select owner group it goes to an escape path defined in MSMP rule.

Any help will be big a help!!