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Feb 24, 2017 at 07:56 PM

change in synchronized tables with mobilink Remote / Consolidated

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Hi all,

I am using the version 10 of Sql Anywhere, where the mobilink is applied and the syncrhonization is running since long time.

Now I want to do some changes on one of the synchronized tables T1 (i.e. I want to add a new column in T1 which was already synchronizing correctly before) and have the following questions:

1- On the consolidated side, I need to amend the event scripts, so that I need to call the procedure "ml_add_lang_table_script_chk", for the download_event_cursor, and for T1....

The question is: Which parameter should I pass to this procedure as the last parameter (it looks something like checksum value).

What will be the result if I passed a wrong checksum value?

Actually the script will be updated correctly in the mobilink tables.

2- On the remote side, I will remove the table from the publication P1, alter the table T1 and then bring the table T1 again in the publication P1.

A. Alter publication P1 delete table T1.

B. Alter table T1 add column.....

C. Alter publication P1 add table T1.

The question is here, what is the risk in this approach? Why sometimes I have the table no more participating in the syncrhonization? Despite the table is still existed in the SYSARTICLES, but actually the table is no more syncrhonizing!!