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Wipro passed 100K SDN Points!!


This is for all active SDNers who want to remove recomendation points.

Please read my comment on the blog


Please... SDN is a <u>SAP <b>Developer</b> Network</u>.

The stress and the rest are very obvious.


Felix Jeyareuben

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3 Answers

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    Former Member
    May 30, 2006 at 10:59 AM

    hi members,

    Here I would like to recollect the other discussions that was going on w.r.t the same.

    On Points of recommendation, Moderators commented this was a hot <b>Stabilize points reward system. there's gonna be a new look in the Top companies list! will they please consider the suggestions mentioned in this Top Companies List thread?. Personally i also wish to know the statistics of the SDN members from each company along with the Top Companies list (not all mention their companies in their business card)!

    Could we discuss if this kind of system is feasible/practicable/viable?



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    • Former Member Wenceslaus Gnana


      We have seen that sdn point system has been gamed by few members already . The important thing to be considered is that, If some one can alter sdn points at their own will, then what is the point of having a pointing system at all?



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    Former Member
    May 30, 2006 at 05:32 PM


    I have a strong feeling that the objective of SDN is beaten to death by the point system. Many people are following cheap techniques to top the ranking.

    I feel we need to stop displaying the point system and just show the top n contributors list in an alphabetical order.

    Then we will definitely get the real contributors in the forum rather than point hunters

    Magesh Rajendran

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    • hi Magesh,

      I totally agree with you that forum point system

      is something that needs to be changed:

      - we get many poor quality answers

      - we get fast answers but still do we want good or fast answer?????

      (this does not go together very often...)

      the question is who are the ones who say

      that poit system is great??

      maybe only those who just started at SDN and can

      get to the top so quickly??

      I'm sure "real" top contributors

      wouldn't mind deleting the point system at all

      (I'm talking about the forums only)

      and changing it to expert based recognition



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    Former Member
    Jun 21, 2006 at 04:25 AM


    The "referral" section is indeed welcome as it encourages people to make other people in the Organization join in. BUT PROVIDED THE REFERRAL ARE USED IN THE RIGHT SPIRIT. The one suggestion that I have is do not reward the points to any referrals unless the person who signs up gets 100 points or posts 100 threads or something on those lines. This would at least minimize the "fake" referrals to a good extent.



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    • Former Member Former Member

      Just a thought - Do we, as externals to SAP, really know what it takes to bring about change management in an organization and build a community in the right spirit by overlooking minor irritants?

      Im sure many of us here on SDN have no idea about this. How many have of us can really claim to have brought about a constructive change? Points, loopholes, glitches - it is so easy for some to look for as though they were buried treasure. But what about the immense information and knowledge that be accessed only if there is a huge community participation?

      Points or no points - it shouldnt be a topic for discussion at all. What should be discussed is - how do we, as SDN evangelists in our own rights, influence the SAP world to grow SDN and BPX for mutual betterment?

      And also to introspect - are we just geeks or do we have any influence in making SDN what we all want it to become? OR is being destructive the only way for one to get attention?

      Please take this in the right spirit. But the point is - it is for us to shape this community and bring about this change. Points are only a one small factor in the bigger scheme of things.

      Thank you and best regards

      Kartik Iyengar~