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Jun 05 at 05:38 PM

Lightweight AddOn not displaying matrix data on user defined screen


In SAP B1 10.0 FP 2208, a lightweight AddOn was recompiled to run on 64 bit and the option to support the web browser was selected. This is MS SQL not HANA.

The desktop client will display the expected matrix data on a user defined screen but the web browser client does not.

Shown below the desktop client (ap2ar-appclient.jpg) displaying 1 line item of data as expected.

The web client (ap2ar-webclient.jpg) does not display the matrix data; however, in System Messages, 1 line of data is indicated.

I have tried changing fonts to see if it is a display issue but that did not help.

Any ideas are welcome...


ap2ar-appclient.jpg (194.4 kB)
ap2ar-webclient.jpg (143.1 kB)