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Jun 05 at 10:02 AM

Is there a way to say SO status draft with scope BDK Third-Party Sales


Hi all,

Within scope item BDK Sales Processing Using Third-Party Without Shipping Notification, the purchase requisitions are automatically generated out of sales order creation. Now upon needs of business, we would like to implement Automatic Creation of Purchase Orders from Requisitions out of app "Schedule Purchasing Jobs - Advanced". Then a critical question. If we would like to still create a sales order as draft and prevent at least auto creation of Purchase Orders, how can we realize this?

Checked if there is any status block in sales order can be used as criteria not to process the batch. The only potential status that I see is delivery block. However not sure the correct one.

Any idea how to realize this flow to create sales order but do not create automatically PO where the batch job is scheduled?

Many thanks for your support.

BR Kumiko