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May 30, 2006 at 06:24 AM

Effective Language for Business Process Modelling in a Web Community


It's a very exciting idea of having business process definition/innovation a community driven process.

Just Imagine a stituation where somebody can innovate a process on a theoritical level which is then perfected by business community opinion/examples for benchmarking, effectiveness, relevance etc.

The ultimate business community dream would be Finding their process in the community. Finding merits and demerits of their process. Explore for a refinement to the process. Getting a copy of their newly created process and

droping it into their IT system and the wonderful IT system upgrading itself to the new process and executing it.

The Impact of simplification would be enormous:

Just check out the possibilities

Every businessman would be an IT user to get ideas for business and business execution

The IT Guy would be recognized as process maker

For a business entity Presentation during AGM could be extra transparent :-).

A very concrete step in this direction would be to have a language or tool which is very easy to understand and drives people for exploration.

My Wish would be a Visual web tool which defines a specific business process in the most simple form, and from there somebody can explore the enhancements to the process.

For example a simple selling process done in medicine shop is

listening the order verbally , delivering it immediately, getting cash immediately and [typing the Invoice on XL or Word or POS machines], printing it and then giving to Customer.

after selecting this business process on the tool one should be able to explore the possible process

enhancements with known business benefits


a) offer credit facility to customer--> just a worklist to collect pending money

b) take order now and supply later for non available medicines

c)Start home delivery

The businessman should be able to select (1) or (2) which then becomes his new process.

This can be sent to his IT landscape which should be able to interprete it and then grow itself Ah....

dreaming 😊

[or atleast the model should tell the IT guy what to do!!].

The generic business Process enhancements Options are not too many and can be defined and classified

See the Options in the above mentioned business process context

1)Automation[Create Purchase order from ]

2)Increasing depth [The above example a,b,c are for increasing depth]

3)Step simplification[In the above example instead of word using the POS Machine is simple]

4)Resource utilization[If you have a PC and don't want to buy POS Machine then type the invoice on a Word :-)]


5)Workforce optimization {any examples :-)community driven}

7)Process optimization (How to deliver the medicine route wise)

8)Colloboration (Using courier to send medicine)

9)Knowledge provision (giving sales/payment trends,)

The idea is so simple but making this tool highiely context(business) sensitive and intuitive is challenge.

But anyway it's not impossible to have a business process language which is effective and an IT systems for which starting point is a business process. The IT system which takes your business process and executes them


looking forward for this future 😊


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