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May 25 at 01:34 PM

Issue with PPTC Batch Publishing

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We are facing issue in batch publishing PPTC via "Batch Publish" feature in SF.

1. When trying to Publish Talent profiles (PDF or PowePoint versions) in both cases the outcome including only one Talent Card. We were trying to create groups, and tried with the Team View, e.g. filter based on department. In all test scenarios the outcome was including only 1 talent card.

2. There is some inconsistent data between the two talent cards for the same person. For Example: an employee is on maternity leave and she is having no form currently.

->After creating the PPTC directly from her profile, there is no data. Which is correct.

-> When publishing the talent profile, somehow the PPTC displays data from Performance form. However,

the form was not launched for this user.

SAP recommended to add the batch print logic in the PPTC BIRT template. Please advise What type of logic to be added in the PPTC template to overcome this issue.

Note: "Enable Multiple Files in Batch publish" feature is enabled in Provisioning.