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5 days ago

/SAPSLL/CUHD_MASS_REFRESH_EXP does not send Status update to S/4



During testing we think we find that when a document recheck is done in GTS, the status change is not being sent to S/4. I tried to review/debug /SAPSLL/CUHD_MASS_REFRESH_EXP. I did find a routines rfc_destination_get, reference_docs_dequeue and reference_docs_enqueue, but these were never executed, nor do they seem to be executed from other routines.

So, I am wondering if the document recheck send the document status change to S/4 systems? Can you please confirm either way? If the status is supposed to be sent to S/4, how can you check/debug?

Thank you in advance.

Regards, Dean.