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May 29, 2006 at 02:44 PM

Forbidden, allowed and recommended database issues



This post´s goal is to clarify what SAP says about database manipulation. I think it is not clear yet, as you can see (there will be more for sure).

So i can guess there are 3 possible answer about database manipulation issues, Forbidden, allowed and recommended (For certification).

The topics that come to my mind are:

In SBO database:

- Creating tables using SQL statement (non SBO).

- Creating Stored Procedures.

- Creating Functions

- Creating Views

- Creating Triggers against SBO tables

- Creating Triggers against non SBO tables

- Making Select statemens (from any SP, function or view)

- Making inserts/updates/delete statements against SBO tables.

- Making inserts/updates/delete statements against SBO user tables.

- Making inserts/updates/delete statements against non SBO tables.

In another database:

- Creating Stored Procedures that get data from SBO.

- Creating Stored Procedures that change data in SBO.

- Creating Functions against SBO data.

- Creating Views against SBO data.

I hope Frank can clarify all this and the ones from other people.

Some of them are clear in the previous posts, but I´m looking for a full information post. If we make it complete, perhaps I could create a weblog with the information.


Ibai Peñ