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May 12 at 08:36 AM

Park Invoice about Internal Production Process

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Hello experts.

Currently, the company I operate the system uses 'SAP Public Cloud', and there are internal production and external production processes.

Usually, when requesting external production, after creating a purchase order, refer to the Invoice (App : Park supplier invoices) purchase order at the final stage to complete the process.

But in the case of internal production, I don't know what to do. If there is only a production order, and the supplier sends an invoice, how can I park this Invoice to SAP? The reason this process is classified as internal production is because the products there are ours.

I list applications related to this.

  1. Park Supplier Invoices
  2. Supplier Invoice List
  3. Monitor Subcontracting Documents
  4. Subcontracting Cockpit
  5. Material documents list