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May 05 at 11:27 PM

#COE #BA01 Recovery & Tax to pay account numbering in Brazil YCOA



In the YCOA chart of accounts for Brazil in the SAP Best Practices the recovery accounts are numbered (highlighted) as liabilities it appears instead of assets (starting with a 2 instead of a 1). According to our team the tax to recovery are tax credit that we either need to receive back from the govt, or can use to compensate against tax debits, therefore they are rights to the company.

Additionally the the tax to pay accounts should start with 22 and not 21 per the local requirements according to our team.

Can you please provide details on why the Best Practice doc for these accounts are numbered the way they are?

We're trying to conform to standard, but these deviate and we need to know why before we add new accounts for the same purpose with corrected numbering and new account determinations.





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