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May 02 at 02:18 PM

SAP Build Process Automation - SAP GUI SDK missing


Hi everyone,
I currently miss the SAP GUI SDK as I used it before to capture SAP GUI screens on Windows. I currently have the following SDKs installed:

However, SAPUI5 and SAP Web Gui are required for native SAP UI5 apps and SAP GUI web apps, but not for Windows SAP GUI applications. Theoretically, SAP GUI should still be supported: Supported Interface Technologies | SAP Help Portal

In a tutorial, SAP GUI is also displayed as a UI technology:

For me, the SAP GUI application is displayed under UI Automation (which also makes sense, because I understand that I am missing the SAP GUI SDK):

Hence my question: Does the SAP GUI SDK still exist and if so, where can it be found? I didn't find it either in the store or under "Add Dependencies". If it does not exist anymore, how should one capture SAP GUI on Windows?
Thank you!

Kind regards,


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image.png (34.4 kB)
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