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Apr 28 at 01:42 PM

Cloud ALM Integration Suite alerts for Completed messages with Custom Status


Dear All,

We are looking at implementing an HTTPS iFlow in SAP Cloud Integration which accepts and returns XML from a customer. If we need to return an error message to the customer we return some XML e.g.




Because we return this XML the iFlow cannot simply throw an exception - it needs to end successfully, thus the Messaging Processing Log (MPL) shows as Status = COMPLETED (success).

My intention is to use the SAP-delivered field SAP_MessageProcessingLogCustomStatus "Custom Status" to record the outcome, this will record our error status even though the Status field = COMPLETED.

We have a business requirement to trigger an alert to be actioned when these errors happen. Presently in SAP Business Connector we just trigger an email within our flow, obviously we could do this with Cloud Integration but I wondered if this was possible with Cloud ALM.

I have set up Integration Monitoring in ALM for Cloud Integration however it seems that events will only be generated for Status = ERROR. The Expert Portal ( offers "Erroneous CPI Message Detected(Single)" - from what I can see this is only triggered when a message has status FAILED.

I'm think I will have to implement error handling in the iFlow, perhaps by pushing to a JMS Queue/Data Store and having a separate iFlow polling the queue/store.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks, Chris