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May 02 at 12:17 PM

Adobe form (S/4 public cloud) > move calculation from form to BADI


Dear all,

in our S/4HANA Cloud (public edition), we've obviously exceeded the limit of Adobe form complexity for output management. If the document data is too much (esp. too many line items), the integrated ADS issues an error and the form cannot be rendered successfully.

Now the idea is to move some of the logic from the Adobe form to the BADI which is called before. In a public cloud system, there's one for header data (SD_BIL_PRINT_STANDARD_HEAD) and one for item data (SD_BIL_PRINT_STANDARD_ITEM), however,

  • the number of additional fields and their length is limited and
  • it's not possible to use table-like data to pass information from flow logic to the Adobe form

For the amount of required information to be printed on the form, only some "flat fields" won't be sufficient in our case.

Has anyone experienced this issue and has a hint for me?

Thanks & regards