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May 01 at 06:07 AM

In-house manufactured component of a Multilevel BOM finished good


Hello All,

I recently joined a company who stamps an steel part and then does several operations on the steel part in WIP journey.

They have assigned part numbers to the product as it process each operation station. I am not sure if this approach is correct. They say we have assigned part numbers to each WIP operation (part leaves each work station with a new part number) to be able to track WIP . I am not sure what is the best approach and why we assign part number to WIP stages while we can track parts along the production journey with batch numbers.

I appreciate if you help me here. I have worked many years with Epicor and am not expert at SAP.

So my question summarizes as:

- Is this the right approach? if not, what is ?

- How SAP plans and schedules for WIP operations (no components, just operations).

your help means a lot to me