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May 29, 2006 at 08:14 AM

Emailing problems - images / table interface


Hi there

Part of our BW / Portal implementation consists of a toolbar which is displayed at the top of each web template.

One of the buttons in that template is an email button, which invokes the standard BW command LAUNCH_BROADCASTER with EMAIL as the distribution type.

The landing pages consist of a template with many different queries involved, each being used to display a particular part of the page. We have graphs, a data table, and a number of traffic lights.

The traffic lights are built by creating a query (and view) and then changing the display of the view using a table interface class. What I do is check the value of the column ( for columns > 1) and then insert an image along with the number, as well wrapping the data in anchor tags to allow the user to click-through to the underlying report. In the first column, I replace the text with text specified by an attribute when the table interface is called.

The table interface works beautifully, and the traffic lights are all displayed as required.

When I email the template however, the images don't come through ... which is possibly due to relative URL's being used. Now, I can update the table interface class to use complete URL's, but this is not really desirable as each different BW system (DEV, QA, PROD) will have different URL, so how do I carry that through with transports. It means, once we are ready for production, that DEV and QA will then be pointing to images on PROD. This is not a huge problem, but one I would like to steer away from if possible.

One option is to put the complete URL in using JAVAScript in the templates themselves, and I would settle for this, but I was wondering if there isn't a neater way of doing this?

The 2nd problem I have is that the text in the first column doesn't come through in the email. If the template is viewed through a browser, it displays correctly, together with its anchor tags to link through to the underlying report, but the resulting email just has blank inserted where I expect text.

Any ideas why this would happen ... its almost like the table interface gets called again when the emailing button is pressed, and the text is not specified.

I appreciate any assistance.