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Apr 27 at 03:06 PM

How to take live data from SAP-HANA in our server? Please read explanation below.

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So, we are planning to perform analytics on Machine Data(DCS, PLC/SCADA etc.) as well as on SAP HANA ERP data. Our problem is that as of now, we have figured out how to take live machine data with OPC protocols but we are yet to figure out, how do we take data from our clients who have SAP HANA as their ERP system.

For example, if our client is a chemical manufacturer, we know how to take machine data to our servers and perform analytics, but we also want to take data from their SAP ERP systems as well, how do we do that? Simple SQL, WSDL queries would fetch data to our servers? Or any integrator is required? Now if an integrator is required, then should our client have it or should we have it? Also, should we apply for partner licenses or not?

Our goal is just to take live data from SAP ERP and show it on our software along with already integrated machine data.

Kindly guide.