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Apr 17 at 10:49 AM

DElphi Crsytal Reports


I hace a legacy prigram written in Delphi and the reportsa re in Crystal. Usuin dlls from crystal decisions/2.5/bin and the crciewer.dll, reports are displayed in the delphi application based on parameters sent via the delphi app.

However a recent Windows 11 upgrade seens to delay the opening iof some report for upto 2 minutes!!. Is there a way ro continuee using these 300+ crytal reports with delphil base? Is it simply using nerwer dlls?

the application is Delphi 10+, CR 2016.

I need a way to pass parameters into the resports and have them displayed within 1-5 secsonds. The Crystal Server could work if it has an api?