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Apr 20 at 01:09 PM

PGI with PPF Action with a Radiofrequency Task confirmation


Hi EWM Experts.

I have 2 questions with the PPF Action

1st. PGI automaticaly

We are able to set the PPF to have the PGI automatic with an manual confirmation of the Task. But when we confirm the task by Radio Frequency, we have an error in SMQ2 ``Document 800**** is already blocked by the user ***`. If we re-process the queue, it work. What we see, it is that the picking the status is completed while only the picking is done but not the deposit in the storage type Y920, and the PGI is done when the the status is completed.

So do you know how to have the automatic PGI with the use of RF ?

2nd Duplication of the Action.

How we can set PPF action (outbound delivery creation, Bill of loading ) to don't have new action every time we change the document.

Thanks for advance for your response