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Apr 12 at 02:18 AM

Getting 202 Accepted With No Results by Calling "Journal Entry - Post (Asynchronous)"

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Dear Experts.

I have problem calling Journal Entry Posting SOAP API. I'm calling "Journal Entry - Post (Asynchronous)" API and getting status code 202 with no result. As I check Manage Journal Entries application, none of the journal entry was created. However, in Technical Monitoring application, which I selected "Message Monitoring SOAP Error Log," there is no error.

I'm posting details below. Please tell me if I made any mistake.



Defined {{host}} in Communication System and setting GUID in {{GUID}}


Defined user information in Communication Arrangements application, and as I'm not getting 401 Unauthorized, authentication should be fine. If I change username value, I can get statuscode 401, so getting 202 also shows authentication is fine.


I'm trying to call API by using Postman. Before createing request, I imported WSDL file of the API I want to call. Then, I set the header below.


I'll post XML Request below. I created request by trial and error, until I get no errors. I filled required value, and I created <Item> and <CreditorItem> Tag which I saw in someone's blog.

I saw API Refference biut didn't really get how the Item, DebtorItem, CreditorItem works, so this part might be mistaking.

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=""
                        <AmountInTransactionCurrency currencyCode="JPY">110000</AmountInTransactionCurrency>
                        <DocumentItemText>Test Item 1</DocumentItemText>
                        <AmountInTransactionCurrency currencyCode="JPY">110000</AmountInTransactionCurrency>

Thank you.