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Apr 14 at 12:43 AM

Moving CAL data


Hi Experts,

Currently, we provide the CAL that the customer is using for validation on our Azure tenant and subscription. The customer has requested to move the CAL from our environment to their Azure environment, and we are considering the methods to do so. I am investigating the feasibility and recommended steps for each method as I believe there are multiple ways to move the CAL. Below are the methods and questions regarding them:

Method 1: Change the tenant associated with the subscription
Move the subscription with the deployed CAL that is currently associated with our tenant to the customer's tenant.
Question 1: Can this method be implemented?

Method 2: Deploy a new CAL to the customer's subscription and import the current data
Deploy a new CAL to the customer's Azure subscription and import the data from the current CAL by taking a backup.
Question 2: Can existing licenses be reused for the new CAL deployed to the customer's tenant?
Question 3: Please share the steps for exporting/importing data, logs, configuration files, etc.
Question 4: If there are any other methods besides 1 and 2, please kindly introduce them.

Thank you.