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BAPI to get active PM confirmations based on order & activity

Hello ,

Is there any BAPI's available for fetching PM confirmation ie all counters data for an operation at a time ?

i have got few bapi's that will fetch confirmation based on counter no but for me i want all details ( all counters ) based on confirmation no.

Thanks ,

Pavan Kumar

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2 Answers

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    Posted on Feb 24, 2017 at 01:52 PM

    Hello again

    Reading into your latest comments, I'm now guessing what you're trying to do :

    Depending on the input from an 3rd Party System, you need to Perform a Confirmation or Reverse the current / latest Confirmation, right? And when Reversing / Cancelling a Confirmation, you need to have the ConfirmationCounter which is not provided ...

    So why isn't that critical element provided? Can you contact the 3rd Party System-company about that?

    If not, why not work your way around that using the 'GetList'-BAPI to obtain a Preselection, validating either Creating or Reversing a Confirmation : All 'active' Confirmations will be retreived so that would solve your issue? Afterwards you can use the 'ConfCreate' - or 'ConfCancel'-BAPI, depending on the Indicator ...

    The following SAP-Help Documentation concerning Confirmation is basically the same as the suggested 'GetList'-approach :

    • Cancelling a Completion Confirmation with Unknown Number : link
    • Mass Cancellation : link

    Hope this helps

    Nic T.

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  • Posted on Feb 24, 2017 at 10:55 AM

    Please check "BAPI_ALM_CONF_GETLIST" as this would probably serve your purpose ...

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    • Nic , I am doing a ABAP proxy where file will be coming from 3rd party system . Based on the input am posting IW41 & IW45 .

      There is a correction indicator in the input file , if it is X then i will do IW45 and then do IW41 .

      Eg : i may have posted docs using IW41 several times for the same order & operation :

      order activity confirmation counter

      123 10 11111 1

      123 10 11111 2

      123 10 11111 3

      and so on .

      Now if i get a record to cancel the confirmation , i will not be getting the counter number since it is coming from 3rd party system .

      I need to fetch all of these active confirmations in one single shot through bapi . in order to avoid going to table AFRU by passing confirmation no am searching for a BAPI where all confirmation counters details will come .

      The BAPI's which you are referring asks confirmation counter mandatory and i will not be able to fetch all counter details at a time .