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BAPI to get active PM confirmations based on order & activity

Feb 24, 2017 at 10:30 AM


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Hello ,

Is there any BAPI's available for fetching PM confirmation ie all counters data for an operation at a time ?

i have got few bapi's that will fetch confirmation based on counter no but for me i want all details ( all counters ) based on confirmation no.

Thanks ,

Pavan Kumar

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2 Answers

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Nic Teunckens Feb 24, 2017 at 01:52 PM

Hello again

Reading into your latest comments, I'm now guessing what you're trying to do :

Depending on the input from an 3rd Party System, you need to Perform a Confirmation or Reverse the current / latest Confirmation, right? And when Reversing / Cancelling a Confirmation, you need to have the ConfirmationCounter which is not provided ...

So why isn't that critical element provided? Can you contact the 3rd Party System-company about that?

If not, why not work your way around that using the 'GetList'-BAPI to obtain a Preselection, validating either Creating or Reversing a Confirmation : All 'active' Confirmations will be retreived so that would solve your issue? Afterwards you can use the 'ConfCreate' - or 'ConfCancel'-BAPI, depending on the Indicator ...

The following SAP-Help Documentation concerning Confirmation is basically the same as the suggested 'GetList'-approach :

  • Cancelling a Completion Confirmation with Unknown Number : link
  • Mass Cancellation : link

Hope this helps

Nic T.

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Nic Teunckens Feb 24, 2017 at 10:55 AM

Please check "BAPI_ALM_CONF_GETLIST" as this would probably serve your purpose ...

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Former Member

Nic , In that BAPI also counter is mandatory but i need to fetch all counters based on confirmation no .


"In that BAPI also counter is mandatory but i need to fetch all counters based on confirmation no."

I don't see any way of adding a Counter as a Parameter ...? Are you talking about Confirmation Counter?

When providing the Confirmations via the "CONF_RANGE"-table you can receive your Confimations-records ...

The BAPI simply calls SAP-Stdrd Report "RIAFRU20" (trx. "IW47"). So If you are able to get your data through "IW47" in SAP then the same must apply for the BAPI. If not, are you getting an Error when executing the BAPI?

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Nic Teunckens

Yes , Confirmation counters . I need all active confirmation counter details from the BAPI which is equal to Iw45.

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Former Member

Nic , I want all active confirmation counter data for a confirmation number . ie. the result is like , when you give confirmation no in IW45 then it will show all confirmation counters data which are active .


Trx. "IW45" provides Business Function to CANCEL a Confirmation. This can also be done via BAPI "BAPI_ALM_CONF_CANCEL".

Going back to the ListReport via BAPI "BAPI_ALM_CONF_GETLIST", you can see all Cancelled Confirmations in the "CONFIRMATIONS"-Table result, column "REVERSED" (Indicator: Document Has Been Reversed) and "REV_CONF_CNT" (Confirmation counter of cancelled confirmation) ...

Can you indicate what it is you hope to achieve? Do you want a List OR Execute a real Business Function such as Reversing / Cancelling a Confirmation, as you would through trx. "IW45"??? ... I'm confused.

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Nic Teunckens

Nic , I am doing a ABAP proxy where file will be coming from 3rd party system . Based on the input am posting IW41 & IW45 .

There is a correction indicator in the input file , if it is X then i will do IW45 and then do IW41 .

Eg : i may have posted docs using IW41 several times for the same order & operation :

order activity confirmation counter

123 10 11111 1

123 10 11111 2

123 10 11111 3

and so on .

Now if i get a record to cancel the confirmation , i will not be getting the counter number since it is coming from 3rd party system .

I need to fetch all of these active confirmations in one single shot through bapi . in order to avoid going to table AFRU by passing confirmation no am searching for a BAPI where all confirmation counters details will come .

The BAPI's which you are referring asks confirmation counter mandatory and i will not be able to fetch all counter details at a time .