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Apr 07 at 07:51 AM

Improvement requests without updates & (unanswered) community questions



  • what to do if there seems to be no change of status in acknowledged improvement requests?
    example: 258958 => created in 2020, 49 votes, status update was due end of 2021.
    in 01.2023 another user asked via comment function about updates - no reaction.image.png
  • why are some improvement requests changed to 'delivered' even if the underlying problem is only solved under very specific use cases (e.g. only optimized mode, or only import connections,....) => how to reopen them?
  • what is SAPs strategy in terms of (unanswered) community questions?
    first of all I do not understand why someone simply comments a question with the text below but does not give any insights in how to solve the problem. Not helpful at all.image.png
    there are numerous unanswered questions => does SAP's SAC team not have the manpower to get involved with community questions?
    Comparing this forum with e.g. PowerBI's forum leaves a bitter taste..



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