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Apr 03 at 02:59 PM

Customer Data Cloud Error Message on Forgot Password flow


Hello, I'm trying to show two different errors during the input of the email address in the 'Forgot your Password' screen:

  • When the user doesn't exist -> 'This email address is not registered'
  • When the input email address isn't valid (e.g. hello@, or etc.) -> 'Email address isn't valid'

I have added the error message 'Email address isn't valid' on the Login ID component on the screen. What happens now is if I try to replicate the above two cases to trigger the errors, it only shows the 'This email address is not registered' OOB default error, both visually and in the browser's network. How can I add the check on the characters that the user inputs and consequently show two different error messages? I have also added the form error but it works only on showing the error which will be hidden without this component.