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Apr 01 at 10:58 AM

Issue in Smart Table of type UI table row selection for editable fields : SAPUI5


Hi ,

I'm having an issue with Smart table (OData binding) of type UI table on row selection.

Based on table row selection, on selected row I need to enable/disable a field .

For that I'm using expression binding , based on one other property value say X (that value I set from UI on row selection event), then dependent field gets enabled/disabled.

On the row selection event I'm handling this , which works fine for the first row .

But it doesn't work correctly for other than 1st row . Like if i select the 2nd row, it makes enabled 2nd & 3rd row field also without selection. (attached image).

I have tried all possible combinations of events handling , still the same behavior.

Also i have tried adding a custom property to the binding, but it behaves similar .

Seeking help/any suggestion on it ?

Note :- I have also tried with row Cell to set enable / disable explicitly, which works fine , but it's not good approach as if you scroll up-down, fields remains enabled for other rows too, so it has to be handled by model binding. we have OData model not JSON .