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Apr 01 at 02:34 PM

How to Combine the quantity in inv1.text with inv1.quantity

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I have a complicated issues. let me explain in details.

Certain item code, we maintain a standard details like in the picture below and the total qty UDF meaning that how many lines in remarks there:


so that in our sales order item details column, it shows like this:


the 30 unit came from the 30 qty at quantity column here:


here is the formatted search code that our consultant provide to us:

if (SELECT 1 FROM OITM T0 WHERE isnull( T0.[U_TotalUnit] ,0)>0 and  T0.[ItemCode] =$[dln1.itemcode]) =1<br>SELECT <br> replace(replace(<br>CAST(T0.[UserText] AS NVARCHAR(2000))+CHAR(13) + CHAR(10)+CHAR(13) + CHAR(10)+'Total : <'+<br>cast(cast(round((T0.[U_totalunit]*$[dln1.quantity]) ,0) as decimal(12,0)) as nvarchar) +'> UNITS X <'+<br>cast(cast(round(($[dln1.quantity]) ,0) as decimal(12,0)) as nvarchar)+'> SETS'<br>,'<1>' ,concat('< ',round(cast(replace($[$38.11.1],',','') as decimal(12,0)),0),' >')),'<2>',<br>concat('< ',cast(cast(round((2*cast($[dln1.quantity] as decimal(12,0))) ,0) as decimal(12,0)) as nvarchar) ,' >'))<br>FROM OITM T0 WHERE T0.[ItemCode]=$[dln1.itemcode]<br>else<br>select $[dln1.text]

My questions is, I need and AR Invoice crystal reports layout that can combine the qty if the same itemcode appeared. I just manage to combine the qty up there but in itemdetails here, shows only one line itemcode. It should be each of the units line is 240 and the total should be 1920 units x 240sets


Can someone Pleaseeee help me how i want so solve my crystal reports issues? I'm stuck right now.


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image.png (9.6 kB)
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