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Apr 03 at 03:47 PM

Data type Signavio PI



I am working with Signavio PI, I have used the manual upload module to upload P2P data. I have configured the date and time fields as STRING. Now I want to run the transformation but I have some errors about the data type. For example I need to use CDHDR.UDATE with CDHDR.UTIME with this syntax:

CAST(cdhdr.udate ||' '|| cdhdr.utime AS TIMESTAMP) as c_time

But Signavio throws an error message about: INVALID_CAST_ARGUMENT: Value cannot be cast to timestamp: 2022-02-11 16:22:180012383936

If I search both fields individually I can see both fine without any problem and the time field only shows for example 16:22:18 (without these numbers 001238383936)

I have used this syntax with other date and time fields and it works perfect. does anyone know another syntax to use? to above this problem?

Thanks, best regards.