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May 26, 2006 at 06:45 PM

DIS: problem with templates and actual data


Hi All:

I've been browsing every thread where the DI Server is discussed here, I read all the info in the SDK.

What I want is somehow simple:

1) Retrieve information from some businessobject and display that in a webpage.

2) Modify the data and update it back in SBO.

I created some webservices, login, GetObject, UpdateObject.

In my webpage, I use the login to get my sessionId. Then, Use the GetObject to get some actual data, like, a BusinessPArtner information.

Until here, no problem. I can show the data very well.

The update part is the tricky one: I 've tried sending back the same XML, an alter xml with the update command and the queryparams, I tried getting the ObjectTemplate and the ObjectSchema and nothing.

Does anybody can describeme how they have managed to do this? maybe a working sample(please no the one in the SDK)??

Thanks in advance

Harold Gómez