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Mar 25 at 03:07 PM

Navigation from standard Fiori apps to a custom Fiori elements app



We have a requirement in the Fiori apps - Manage Credit Accounts > Credit Segments and in the Manage Credit Limit Requests.

We have added a Business Partner field in the app by creating an extend view of standard BO C_CRDTMGMTACCOUNTTP and C_CRDTLIMITREQUESTTP. We have annotated the field with WITH_INTENT_BASED_NAVIGATION and kept semantic object as BusinessPartner to navigate the user to a custom Fiori element app which will show data from custom tables based on the business partner and credit segment.

The solution that we need is that when the user navigates from app Manage Credit Accounts to the custom app, the custom app must not allow CUD operations, but when the user navigates from Manage Credit Limit Requests to the custom app, he should be able to do CUD operations.

The exposed BO of custom app is not a Custom CDS entity, but a projection of a root view fetching data from custom Z tables. We have deployed the custom app and also created tile and target mapping to make it visible in the launchpad.

How can we achieve this? Thanks in advance.