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Mar 24 at 04:19 PM

Manual Historization of full environement


Hi Experts.

I am looking for clarification/confirmation about how the Historize button works in PaPM. When we first implemented, PaPM in 2019, we were told that Historize button only Historizes the exposed and selected functions. The process to manually historize all the functions in an environment involved the following steps:

  1. Expand all Description node functions to expose all functions in the environment.
  2. Select all functions by clicking on the check box next to "Function" in the upper left corner
  3. Select the Historize button

When working in environments with several hundred functions and Description nodes 2 or 3 layers deep, this is a very tedious task. Is there an easier way to Historize an entire environment?

Also, it would be nice if there was a SE38 Program that could Historize an environment, similar to running /NXI/P1_FW_ACTIVATE to activate an environment. If anyone knows of a Program or T-Code that can be used from SAPGUI or WEBGUI to Historize an entire environment, I would appreciate the info. This would be big time saver.