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Mar 27 at 06:19 AM

Different Order of Unit & Payment Order of Unit


Hi All

Is there a way we can have different order of unit at PO/GR & invoice? For Example-We purchased material (PO/GR) in case & pay vendor according to LB. We have maintained base unit of measure as LB (smallest UOM) & alternate unit of measure as 100 Case=1256 LB. Actually its 1 Case=12.56 LB but due to no decimal rule in numerator & denominator had to maintained like this. We created PO & GR in Case & need to do MIRO in LB but the field of UOM is not editable in MIRO.

P.S- I m not MM consultant but wanted to see if there is any solution. As per different articles this is not possible but those articles were old so wanted to see if there is any workaround or solution. We are on S/4 Hana 2020.