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Mar 20 at 11:43 AM

Variance is not calculated for process order


We are facing an issue in Variance calculation that it does not select process order for calculation in Period 10 but selects it in P12. Debit and Credit on process order due to Goods issue, Activity cost and Production confirmation are in Period 10. However when we calculate Variance using report RKKKS1N0 in P10, order is not selected for Variance. If we change period to 12, order is selected for variance calculation.

For this order AUFK IDAT2 (Techo completion date) is 15 March 2023, i.e. it is in P12 hence it is selected for Variance calculation in P12.

But business requirement is to post Variance calculation in P10 in this scenario. Due to operational reasons, we cannot ensure Delivery date or TECO date should be before last date of month. It will always be 1st or 2nd of next month.

Considering above genuine requirement, please suggest how Variance calculation can be modified to include this order. I have already read note 530563.

In COR4, default rule is PP1 (Full settlement). Should I change it to PP2 ?

Should we use note 2760378 and execute report ZSAPRK_TABG_AEDAT_SET to modify TECO date ?